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ครบทุกเรื่อง เรือง ASi bus


All you need in ASI, is only B&W

AS-i GATEways  AS-i Repeater  AS-i Tuner AS-I Bus Termination

AS-i Digital / Analog Module   AS- i Power Supply   AS-i Cable

AS-i Drive Solution with AS-i AS-i OEM Module AS-i Safety AS-i Building Automation

The development and production of safety-related products for automation applications

  • The development and manufacture of AS-Interface products based on proprietary technologies
  • Application consulting in the areas of AS-Interface and AS-i Safety at Work
  • Training in the areas of AS-Interface and AS-i Safety at Work
  • Certification of AS-i networks
  • Troubleshooting in AS-i networks
  • Development of customer-specific automation solutions
  • Customer-specific developments and production of fieldbus interfaces and components for nearly all common systems

In addition, Bihl+Wiedemann also offers

  • AS-i masters/gateways/links/scanners for connection to all common controls
  • AS-i slaves
    • AS-i analog modules in various housing designs (IP20, IP65, IP67) for current, voltage, weight and temperature
    • OEM modules in various designs with a variety of interfaces
    • AS-i modules in IP20 with stainless steel housing
    • Counter modules
    • Motor modules in a variety of sizes in IP67
    • Universal modules in IP65
    • AS-i slaves for building automation
  • AS-i tuner, AS-i repeater (in IP20 and IP65) and bus terminations for cable extensions
  • Configuration and diagnostic tools (soft- and hardware) for AS-Interface
  • Power supplies
  • Accessories

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